About us


Eduoptions is an international consultant company, offering end to end manpower consultancy services for the international companies. We are approved by the Govt. of Bangladesh. Our company has been serving the industry since 10 years and so we take pride in holding the expertise in recruitment, employment assistance, job placements, and e-staffing solutions.

Eduoptions is also offering a helping hand to the Bangladeshi students to study in the renowned and world-class educational institutions abroad and facilitating such class of individuals by providing them a perfect combination of educational consultation with employment assistance.


  • Eduoptions sets a benchmark as a professional company with global outreach to drive growth by progressive diversification
  • We envision ourselves to be the most organized organization for providing excellent MANPOWER and STUDENT CONSULTANCY SERVICES.
  • We aim to build an institution of manpower excellence and envision being human resource arm of the corporate world globally.
  • We pave the way for the local students to study abroad in their desired universities.



  • Multiplying smiles on the faces of Bangladeshi people through up skilling and productive management.
  • To bridge the gap between the employer and the employee.
  • Best utilization of skilled & professionals in economic development of industries by recruiting talents for them.
  • Assessing the long-term organizational effectiveness driven by heritage & business environment.
  • Giving best efforts to find desired universities for the local students with scholarships and jobs.


Our Philosophy

Growth with Momentum


  • To provide the Bangladeshi people the global job opportunities that matches both their requirement and capability.
  • To lend a supportive hand to the country’s economical status by placing the qualified youth worldwide.
  • To provide efficient and effective human resource that convinces our clients and help we earn a dignified reputation.
  • To give all out support for the Bangladeshi students to fulfill their dreams by studying higher ranked universities abroad,


Values and Culture

eduoptions gives prime prestige to the virtues and lays special stress on the working environment of the company. We strongly thrive for an energetic and motivating work premises which:

  • Encourages personal grooming and development.
  • Delivers the best services.
  • Bridges out the gap and fills up the boundaries generated by educational levels, gender, race, caste, creed, religion and nationality of an individual.
  • Maintains a pleasant working environment which is both healthy and satisfying.
  • Select universities along with scholarships and jobs so that local students need nothing to worry in pursuing their goal.