Why Us?

We have Excellent track record  and a satisfied list of our clients who are ready to speak about us as our introduction.

We describe ourselves as Professionals & One of the leading Recruitment Consultants in Bangladesh to provide the end to end HR solutions every EMPLOYERS need. Eduoptions has been playing magnificent role in providing both clients and candidates with an unrivaled level of services. Since we are into Human Resource solutions all our actions come with a Human Touch.

At Eduoptions, we consistently hit the mark in our recruiting efforts because we dedicate the resources to understand and appreciate candidate and client requirements as well as those needed to recruit and source qualified candidates. We also validate every candidate and every requirement through a rigorous documentation process through our vast profession knowledge that ensures that we only work with quality requirements and quality candidates.


We  focus and lay special emphasis on the expectations of our clients. We strongly comply with the details of the job. Selection of candidates by us is based on years of experience with clients in industrial, commercial, services.

Job specifications provided by you help us finding high competent personnel for you. We use several methods for the purpose of sourcing candidates. We ensure that the selection process suits the client’s hiring requirements and financial budget. We have planned a pioneering interview methodology, which are designed by our experts. Our huge database and unique talent searching techniques help us to meet our target. While short listing, we pay complete attention to the quality. We have a broad range of personal contacts. We conduct initial detailed interviews of the candidates, when we feel the candidate meets all the requirements and would be suitable for hiring. We have long-lasting relations with clients across many years, and in such a case the suitability of candidates is vital for both of us.

We provide employment process outsourcing solutions, incorporating pace, correctness, flexibility and responsibility through a team with skill and focus on each method. We realize the corporate pursuit for engaging the best available talent. We are a team of enthusiastic Talent Acquisition Professionals.

We are not just a company providing services; our services are targeting the long term partnership that is based on efficiency and professionalism. We value the confidence granted to us by our clients and endeavor to serve in the best way we can ensuring all contractual obligations are met.

We would be a valuable partner in assisting our clients to help minimize their human resources risks and optimize their profit and growth with highest quality services in an ethical and professional manner.


For Higher education aspirants we do assessment based on previous education and extra curricular activities so that education can enhance this ability, resulting in excellence of performance during application in the real world. When a person studies subjects that match his natural area of interest, it is easier for him to build his strengths in that discipline, leading to greater job satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment and joy in future work. However, a note of caution is that Aptitude tests must be used as broad guidelines and not as a binding route. Test results must be combined with several practical and environmental factors as well.

Expert analysis of aptitude results combined with informed career counseling leads to optimal utilization of education opportunities so that a student can enhance strengths, overcome weaknesses to grow towards his career destination.


Selection of university short list stands based on the student’s academic profile, budget and location preference. The best academic match in any country for any course provides a great satisfaction to the candidates. We provide support to ensure that the strengths of the applicants are presented in the best possible way.

Organizing regular visits by international universities and alumni get-together at our offices ensure that students gain first-hand information from University Representatives and alumni .This helps to narrow the research and to get authentic answers regarding student life, academic expectations, work, accommodation, travel and actual costs.

Factors for Short –listing of Universities in different countries.

  • Cost of study at the University
  • Availability of financial assistance/scholarships
  • Availability of course and specialization
  • Current employment chances
  • Prospects of future jobs
  • Prospects for further education
  • Accreditation of the university
  • Reputation and content of courses or programs
  • Student to staff ratio
  • Faculty and infrastructure
  • Location / weather/accessibility of universities
  • Ratio of International students


Complete, correct and on-time applications are sent to universities. We work in sync with students and parents from any city to streamline application procedures and meet all deadlines.

A complete application comprises filling the Application Form and submitting all supporting Documents. Each university has different requirements and there could be specific requirements according to the county or course. We ensure that all guidelines are followed. We guide you through your competitive testing requirements, form filling and other processes that contribute to a strong and competitive application.

Eduaoptions tries to give students ‘the edge’ in an extremely competitive admissions process. We offer opportunities to differentiate your application, supporting your entry to competitive schools in any country.


A question that most parents wish to be answered!
Eduoptions provides detailed information to the students with respect to their University accommodation booking and payment thus ensuring the students safety in an international country. We advise on both on-campus and off-campus accommodation depending on budget and preferences.


We often find the available scholarships for the students who meet the requirements to ease their education in abroad. Students here face a great dilemma searching for scholarship but Eduoptions provide them the best service in town finding it for them.